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You might be asking yourself: Are used tires actually safe?

This is an important question. Vehicle safety is tremendously important for you, your family, and everyone around you. On the road, we all rely on each other to have cars in good condition, able to operate without incident. Tires are such an essential piece of equipment that one bad tire can stop a trip in its tracks.

With all that at stake, it’s natural to assume that buying new tires is always the right way to go. However, there’s something that we at Top Cash for Junk Cars would like to point out to you:

You, and everybody else on the road are driving on used tires. All the time. Every day. That big truck that buzzed by you the other day? Every single tire was used. That sporty coupe you pulled up next to at that light? Four used tires were on those rims. That big SUV that you spotted pulling out of the tire store, sporting those shiny, black doughnuts? Those tires were used at the moment the car was off the lift.

(This also applies to parts. Every part in your car is already a used part. Every part in everybody else’s car is a used part. Your clutch is used, your transmission is used, your engine is used, your differentials are used…it’s all used.)

If you want to be just as safe as you always are, and save a lot of money, you should buy used tires. If you want to buy used tires, buy them from us.

Top Cash for Junk Cars only sells tires that are safe, and that will serve you for tens of thousands of miles. Buying used tires is a lot like picking and pulling a used clutch. The tires, like the clutch, are ready to work perfectly for a long time. It’s just that some other part of the car wasn’t.

As with just about everything we do, used tires are a great choice for the Earth. When something is thrown away or recycled after being only partially used, that’s wasteful. Buy used, save money, and be good to the planet.

Top Cash is a local, family owned and operated business. We care about our safety and yours. When we sell you used tires, we’re selling tires that we would put on our own vehicles in a heartbeat.