Yes, used parts have warranties

Pull your part at Top Cash for Junk Cars, and you’ll get peace of mind on top of it.

At minimum, any mechanical part you pick out at our facility will have a 30 day return or exchange warranty. Some parts are covered for 90 days, and some are covered for up to 6 months.

For full details, call us or stop by our location.

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Used Parts are smart parts

Junk Car Removal in Chicago, IL

It’s fairly common to be a little nervous about used car parts. People will look at a salvaged car, see a badly damaged shell, and assume that the internals are in similar shape. Come to Top Cash for Junk Cars in Chicago, IL, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

The fact is that a large part of a car might be almost worthless – except for a number of internal parts that are in great shape. A car with an engine not worth repairing might have a used clutch that is still ready to work flawlessly for thousands and thousands of miles. A vehicle might have a rear end that is unrecognizable, and a steering column that is essentially pristine. The body might look horrific, but the transmission can be a thing of beauty.

We love finding these “diamonds in the rough,” and we think that you’ll love it too. Call us, or stop in, and unearth a hidden treasure for your car today. Even better, bring your car in to our auto repair shop and have a certified master technician install the part for you. You’ll save money on buying a brand new part, and save time and trouble by getting expert help.

On top of being great for your wallet, used parts are better for the environment. Picking and pulling parts that are still in great shape saves a lot of waste. Using a part to its fullest extent means that manufacturing efforts are used efficiently – new parts that are made are really needed. Want to be green? Buy used parts!

As a final point, when you buy used parts you’re helping the local economy. Top Cash for Junk Cars employs people from Chicago who are just like you. Save money with us, and make money for your neighbors.

Whether you want to exchange a junk car for money, or you want to keep your car running with used parts or used tires, work with Top Cash. It’s win-win for everybody.