There's more than one reason to tow a car

Just as our name implies, we tow cars to our salvage and recycling yard. However, we’re also your friendly, local mechanics. If your car has just had a breakdown, but is otherwise in good shape, give us a call. We’ll transport your vehicle to our shop and get you back on the road. We can often do it for less, because we have so many used parts at our disposal.

You can reach us at:

  • (773) 925-6159

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Top Cash for Junk Cars in Chicago, IL takes towing very seriously

Towing Assistance and Recovery in Chicago, IL

As our name implies, salvaging and recycling cars is something we do every day. Because of this, we do a tremendous amount of towing. Week in, week out, we see more cars that need transporting than some people see in years. We’ve done so much towing that we could probably tow cars in our sleep (if it were actually safe and legal to do that). If you need a tow for any reason, choose us for experience and safety.

Towing a vehicle, especially one that you want to keep running, must be done correctly the first time. There are no second chances. One unsafe or improper tow can cause very expensive damage. If you need your car transported, please call us. We tow and transport vehicles the right way – the first time, and every time. If your car requires special equipment to be towed properly, we will be sure to use that equipment. If your car requires flat bed towing, we will send a flat bed truck. We always do our job completely, safely, and on time.

We are proud to be able to say that Top Cash for Junk Cars is WreckMasters Certified for towing. We combine hands-on experience with industry recognition. This makes Top Cash a top choice for towing you car.

What if I don’t need a tow?

There are plenty of times where you and your car just need a little help. If you’re in Chicago and you’re:

  • Out of gas
  • Stuck with a flat
  • Stopped with a dead battery

…then call us immediately. We’ll be very glad to provide any assistance that we can – and we can provide a lot. We spend so much time working on running and dead cars that there isn’t much that can surprise us.

Top Cash for Junk Cars is a family owned and operated business that will get our family back on the road as fast as we can.