We're a great choice for auto service

Because we spend so much time seeing cars where a lot has gone wrong, we know a lot about how to keep cars working.

Call us for all your auto maintenance and repair needs. We warranty all of our parts, and we can tow your car directly to our location if necessary.

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  • (773) 925-6159

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Save money by having local mechanics fix your car

Auto Repair Services in Chicago, IL

Maybe your car just isn’t ready to be salvaged. You love your car, and it’s still in fine shape…except for one piece that’s given up a little too early.

Clutch slipping? Toasted transmission? Alternator all over? Not to worry! Call Top Cash for Junk Cars and get your vehicle back in action for less. We’re the smart choice for your car and your wallet.

The beauty of working with us goes far beyond having your vehicle cared for by a certified master technician. Right next to that technician’s shop is a giant collection of great parts – each part being deeply discounted. The secret is that those parts are used, which is why they cost less. Those used parts have warranties (some up to 6 months), just as though they were brand new.

It’s pretty clear as to why you should bring your car to us for a major repair or replacement. You should also bring your car to us for routine maintenance and oil changes. Why?

For one, we’re a local business. When you bring your car to us, you’re supporting the local economy of Chicago. When you bring your car to us, you’re supporting your neighbors. We’re proud to provide jobs for local people, because we love our city! We love to wake up every day with the knowledge that we’re going to do something to help Chicago.

Also, when you choose us for routine maintenance, you’re choosing people who are serious about doing the right thing for the environment. We know that well-maintained cars produce less pollution. We properly recycle and dispose of all fluids and materials, like antifreeze and oil. We are serious about being in compliance with every regulation (municipal, state, and national) that pertains to our business.

If you need any kind of service, major or minor, performed on your vehicle, call Top Cash for Junk Cars in Chicago, IL. Get your car taken care of the right way, and for less money, by people who have been taking care of cars for 12 years.