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Everything you should expect from from a junk car buyer, plus a whole lot more

Junk Car Removal in Chicago, IL

Sometimes, a car just isn’t worth fixing. Maybe you just don’t want the vehicle anymore. Maybe it will cost an arm and a leg to have it pass emissions or inspection. Save yourself the money and the frustration – call us today.

Salvaging and recycling cars is good for the environment. It gets polluting cars off the road. It puts cars that may be leaking oil or other fluids in a location that can deal with those chemicals safely. Recycling ensures that all parts, materials, and fluids are used to their full potential. This saves an enormous amount of waste.

If it is time to say goodbye to a car, please call us. We’ll offer suggestions on how best to remove the junk car, and find a time that works for you. We’ll make a very competitive offer on the vehicle we’re removing. We get your car, you get money in your pocket, and everybody wins.

…and yes, when we arrange a time to pick up your vehicle, we will arrive at that promised time. Always.

So, just as you expect, we purchase, remove, scrap, sell, and part-out all kinds of cars. You also expect that we’ll give you as much money as possible for a car that you want to get off your hands. What you might not expect, though is that we can provide service for cars you want to keep running.

Just need a tow? We can do that. Call us.

Need some help on the road? We can do that. Call us.

Need an expert repair? We can do that, too. Call us!

The great thing about going to a salvage yard is the whole “pick and pull” concept. You pick a perfectly good, used part. It gets pulled out of a car that’s not running, and then gets put in your car – so your car stays on the road. Our used parts have a minimum warranty of 30 days for returns and exchanges – some are warranted for up to 6 months.

We are WreckMaster certified for towing, we have master –certified auto techs on site, and we have 12 years of experience. We comply with all regulations related to our business.

Top Cash for Junk Cars is proud to be a local, Chicago company. We’re family owned, family operated, and are thrilled to provide jobs to local people. We love to wake up every morning with the knowledge that we’re helping people, helping the environment, helping cars, and helping the economy.